“He’s gloriously mad – a number of hits of musical acid immediately followed by sips of fine, rare wine.” -Larry Sakin (Blogcritics)

“This was my first experience with this artist (Ben Sollee), and it couldn’t have been much more interesting. Right off the bat, Jacob Duncan’s horn arrangement gave me chills and took me back to Ornette Coleman’s early work; and that is no mean feat for a new artist.”- Al Cooper (TMR)

“Another of the more amusing songs lyrically is Samba Ordinaire, whose words are the description of an utterly uneventful workday, while the band serves up kind of samba with some horn arrangements that sometimes sound like the old Tijuana Brass. <<>> There’s a cameo appearance by David Ossman of radio comedy troupe the Firesign Theatre reading a stock report. <<>>

“Two songs resemble mutant circus music. At Night You Hear the Trains, features rather serious and thoughtful lyrics, while the band serves up one of its best arrangements.” – George Graham (Dallas Observer)


liberation cover

Let’s Not Pretend

Invisible House








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At Night You Hear The Trains












Going To Acapulco










Bible Belt






Lonely Lament with Norah Jones

Happiest Man