Reflections and gratitude for a liberated year.

 I certainly hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Lately, I have been thinking about this quote-

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another. -Merton

    For me, this means friends, family, and spirit, and this past year was full of these. Love is my religion. I heard Lee Konitz, one of my favorites say, “I don’t believe in this or that, because music is my religion”, and I get it. Music is the language of Love. Music can communicate, collaborate, and connects across genres, languages, age, political ideologies, sexual identities, borders, race, genders, and spiritual paths without judgement.


     Music, like Love, requires us to be authentic. It requires our ignorance and confidence. Last night I watched a 9 month old baby, that is just beginning to stand, go from the couch to the coffee table. She turned her head as much as she could, looked at the coffee table, and went for it. Of course, none of her limbs went with her and she fell. Her mother caught her. She got right back up, and did it again. She didn’t know that her limbs wouldn’t work immediately, but she felt that they would through taking chances. Now, that’s confidence. I have no idea what I am doing, but I realize Love through ignorance and confidence. I look at the coffee table, go for it, fall and get back up and try again. Another is always there to push, pull, catch, celebrate and prod. Sometimes, it’s the corner of the coffee table, and sometimes it’s accepting that I don’t even know who it is.  


      We are made to grow through each other. That’s why I love music. That is why I particularly love improvisational and jazz music. They are a constant falling, getting back up, and finding a path together. Music is a continuous undetermined present (in both senses of the word). We definitely need to be with each other in the present, to catch each other, push each other forward, and let each other fall when needed. I can’t find Love by myself, because love is already within me, around me, and connecting me to everyone through all time. I’m constantly and simultaneously in love and unwrapping it, although sometimes I need reminding. Feeling, seeing, touching, reading, hearing and holding art is my reminder to be in Love.


      Words are often hard for me to deal with, and this is probably one of the reasons that I play saxophone. There are so many conceptions that I didn’t get to choose. I think the reason music chose me, is that I needed this path to remind me of exploring nature, questioning why, and listening and loving with others, even when I don’t want to. Art is silence without preconceptions. Art is solitude, is unpredictable, exploratory, questioning and an easy place to get lost and found within, having no borders. Art is science, science is art. Art is the most beautiful thing that humans do in Love.



My path is to be present to Life in Love, in a non-conceptual way.



        Liberation Living Room was truly as fun as it looks, and I had NO idea what I was doing. I learned so much from, Greta Smith, Rizzy Duncan, Andrea Kiefer, Brian Lueken, Nora Christensen and Shawn Hennessey of the Squallis Puppeteers, Amy Seibert, Catlin Elliot, Chris Fitzgerald, Mike Hyman, Craig Wagner, Carly Johnson Brown, Chris Fortner, and Steve Good, Daniel Duncan, Janice Duncan, Mike Duncan, Will Oldham, Tyrone Cotton, Rachel Grimes, Ben Sollee, and Norah Jones. These humans are full of Love, and were constantly there this year to push, pull, prod, catch, and celebrate love and life! We definitely hit the corner of the table a few times, but I for one am proud of those bruises in this ultimate year of love and learning.



Liberation Living Room

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