Liberation Living Room

Liberation Living Room is a web series for children, which features a live audience, improvisational and through-composed music, audience interviews of recognizable guest artists and puppets. It is the brainchild of Louisville composer and musician, Jacob Duncan. Duncan’s eclectic six piece ensemble, Liberation Prophecy, hosts each episode and accompanies a featured guest artist.


The professional crew of videographers, designer, sound engineer, puppeteers and house volunteers have already recorded five episodes in which everyone, including the guest artists, have donated their time. The guest artists for the episodes which are currently in post-production are Will Oldham, Rachel Grimes, Ben Sollee, Tyrone Cotton and Norah Jones.


Liberation Living Room seeks to empower children to embrace the values of community, collaboration, creativity and experimentation. Attendance is free for all live audience members, determined via raffle, and episodes will be streamed for free.

The show is young . . . [but], has already attracted some respected guests, among them Grimes, songwriters Tyrone Cotton and Will Oldham, and superstar Norah Jones. The children, however, are equally enthralled and thrilled at each recording, regardless of how well known the musicians might be. Equally as important, to attend the live show is an opportunity for the adults in the audience–rubbing elbows with puppets, seeing the highly professional production crew grinning and giddy behind their cameras and microphones–to catch that child-like spirit and really drink in the Liberation Living Room motto, ‘Everyone in this room is an artist. Don’t let anyone tell you different.'”

Liberation Living Room YouTube Channel


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