We are not perfectly free until we live in pure hope. – Merton

Castle in the Sand.

All artists possess the courage to create. And every person is driven to find their place. Each path is sub-consciously given perimeters. The realization of these boundaries, the clarity, brings forth the spiritual. If a boy jumps into a shallow stream he can get hurt. But, if a boy knows the depths into which he will jump, the knowledge will lead his decision. We all search for conception, and debate about essence, the enduring element of a thing, not the actor, but their role. So, in music, it is not the musician, but the music that must be enduring. And that must present the questions. And that must be the vessel for existence, the reality as opposed to an appearance. We should not look to the artist, but their art for an impression.

      I wish to be surrounded by blossoming flowers, but yet even more, I wish to understand the stillness. The sound of morning dew dropping from a petal.

                                                                                                     Jacob Duncan

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