Jacob Duncan


The saxophonist Jacob Duncan offers a fiery, brooding riposte …….

-Hua Hsu (The New Yorker)

……..Jacob Duncan’s haunting alto work builds to a crescendo of creativity.

-Chuck Vecoli

…he hits you with flash and power, and he traps you with the kind of playing that just grabs you.

-This is Books Music

…Jacob Duncan’s playing on The Innkeeper’s Gun] winds through eight compositions defined by an identity characterized by its own mood, which is of a strict internal consistency, and moves between the rich and expressive nuances of Sonny Rollins, the sharp and staggered trajectories of Ornette Coleman, and the borderline ascetic phrases of Lee Konitz.

–Voncenzo Roggero (AAJ)

…….swaggering yet sensitive. -Tony Augarde (International Music Web)

….passion of an avant-gardist, but at the same time, Duncan often sounds quite relaxed and his improvisations are logical and thoughtful.

– Scott Yanow